nedeľa 24. júla 2011

My tea journey

This is my first entry on this blog, so little introduction would be appropriate.
I am young tea lover from Slovakia which is located in the central Europe so Im not a native english speaker. My tea journey began probably when I was about 13 years old and I repeated nearly every habit and hobby after my older brother. Thus I picked up some beautiful hobbies and tea was among them.

The journey continued as I began to buy my own teas. The first ones were flavoured ones (very low grade tea mixed with various ingredients and flavoured with alcohol dissolved aroma). The first big moment came when I bought Long Jing- my first real tea. Now I know it was a low grade, but it totaly got me back then.

Another big moment was when I bought my first Tie Guan Yin from Spolem milcu caje. From that moment I was totaly addicted :-) But probably the greatest moment was when I discovered - a local shop with really high quality teas. And of course its owner- Karol Maco, really educated person in the tea knowledge and also a very good and kind person who really helped me with my countless questions. Its really sad but that shop doesnt exist anymore :-(

Last important moment in my tea journey was when I found - a really good site and forum dedicated to tea, teaware and culture. There I have read about Sheng Pu Erh (the site maker is a big pu erh lover) so I had to try it in one of the local teahouses. And when I did, my obsession instantly began. From that day, Shengs are my favourite teas and "biggest eaters" of my money :-D

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