utorok 24. júla 2012

New yixing- but not yixing

After a long while I finally decided to write again. My disappearance could be explained by my time-consuming school (I study financial math) and also my job at local tea house.
Since my last post I drank a lot of good tea and bought some new teaware. But my latest aquisition is somehow special :-) It is yixing tea pot, but not made in Yixing.

This little teapot is made of Yixing clay Zi Ni, but it was made by talented Czech potter Peter Novak. It all began, when Peter Stanik made one of the orders from yixing potter Mr. Liu Ming Zhu. But it was not only teapots. He also ordered some Zi Ni Clay, which he gave to Peter Novak. After some experiments with right temperature (temperature in Peter's kiln is higher than temperature usually used for firing Zi Ni) three teapots were finally born. One was given as gift to Peter Stanik, Peter Novak kept the second one and last one was included in Peter Novak's "Gems of the Kiln" project. Later another four were made. One of them belongs to Benki from Probuzeny slon teahouse and you can see second teapot on picture above :-) I dont know what happened with last two.

I was really happy and honored that I was able to add this beautiful teapot to my collection. Its unique in many ways. Its made from Zi Ni, but it is so much different than any Yixing that I have. Peter made it in his own unique style. It is not perfect and pure as other yixing I have- it is more rough and rustic but it is on purpose and it is part of its beauty.
There are three things that I really like to collect: Yixing, Peter's earthenware and Pu-Erh. So it was natural decision to dedicate this teapot for Sheng. And so it now embodies all these things. Tepot lid fit is really nice and tight and the teapot pours well. But what really surprised and amazed me how it interacts with tea. Tea prepared in this teapot is really sweet and clear. Its clay is a bit overfired, but it works amazingly well.

Im too tired to write about the brewed tea and I dont like post that are too long, so maybe later :) And I would like to thank to both Peter Novak and Peter Stanik for this amazing teapot :)

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  1. Glad to see you back, I really enjoyed your previous posts. "Nature & Tea", what else ? ^^
    You're really lucky to own this incredible teapot : chinese clay, czech potter, it's kind of unique and, as always with Petr, a success.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Im glad to be back too :-) I forgot to mention one more thing- when you look close enough you can see Peter fingerprints on the clay. I always considered yixing teapots something like living things and these fingerprints makes me feel that it is so even more :-) And whats next? For the first time on this blog I will write about Japanese tea :-D

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